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Santa Paula Citrus Festival

Santa Paula is best known as the Citrus Capital of the World because of its expansive lemon and orange orchards, the City of Santa Paula celebrates the fruit of California every year with its popular Kiwanis Citrus Festival. The fact that Santa Paula is home to expansive lemon and orange orchards.

Parade of Citrus ftuits

Live music and amusement rides abound as people from all over the sunshine state gather to celebrate citrus. Pucker up for lemon juice drinking contests and lemon bobbing. Not to mention awards for largest citrus, fastest peeling and best lemon bars.

clear trumpet cup
Pour your favorite citrus juice on this very elegant trumpet glass. Yum!

Citrus are known around the world as one of the best source of juice, like citrus juice. The Santa Paula Citrus Festival showcase different citrus recipes to promote their country as citrus capital of the world. Citrus juice served with plastic glasses, citrus pie was served both white tableware and clear plastic plates. The event ended successful.