Bourne Scallop Fest

Famous Scallop recipes
Famous Scallop and Herb-Roasted Chicken Dinners

More than three tons of scallops will be served to some 50,000 attendees at the 42d Annual Bourne Scallop Fest. In addition to the seafood dishes served in clear plastic plates, there will also be arts and crafts vendors, a midway of carnival rides and games, and a full entertainment slate. A great way to say farewell to the sights and smells of summer for another year.

bamboo made plate
The other way and the most conventional way to served famous scallop recipes, disposable bamboo dish.

The center of the celebration is, obviously, our terrific Scallop or Herb-broiled Chicken suppers that are served in white tableware products and other disposable plates. You could probably like your dish and listen to excitement in the Big Tent or take your chow outside placed in biodegradable plate and appreciate the view of the Cape Cod Canal and the renowned worldwide Railroad Bridge.

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