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Newport Winefest

wine festival

What’s billed as New England’s largest outdoor wine and food festival returns to the Newport Yacht Club for a second year. Last year’s inaugural show brought a host of wine tastings and professional chef seminars to the scenic Newport, R.I., waterfront.

seagreen champagne glassExperience 100’s of local, national, and global wines, forte malt beverages, and spirits and drink to the last drop of your favorite wine with these champagne flute plastic glasses. While taking in the delightful surroundings disregarding the marina and harbor, enjoy featured dishes prepared by regional restaurants served in elegant white tableware at a nominal fee with the opportunity to sample products from a variety of specialty food vendors served in clear plastic plates.

Wells Chili-fest

Chili recipes displayedThe Wells Chili-Fest has been a mainstream, conventional late summer occasion for Wells. The occasion is introduced by the Wells, Maine Chamber of Commerce and the Chili Cook-Offs are authorized by and run in understanding to the principles of the International Chili Society.

All winners of the Wells Chili-Fest ICS sanctioned cook-offs qualify to compete for further cash prizes and awards at the World’s Championship Chili Cook-off.  ICS cook-off competition is for ICS members. The ICS is the largest food contest, festival organization in the world.

Chili-lovers will surely enjoy this event, from hot to chili, all the food displayed will burn your mouth. Chili sauce placed in plastic cups or an elegant plastic plates are there too, served using white stiletto appetizer spoon that is made of premium tableware.

stylish white appetizer spoon
Add a style on your favorite chili sauce, scoop with this professional spoon.

Wokingham Wine Festival

The 4th Wokingham Wine Festival was held on 4th December 2011. This is an event where wine-lovers can come and taste or even buy the finest wines supplied by the members of the ASDW (Association of Small Direct Winemerchants). ASDW members offer between them a huge range of fine wines coming from around the world. The annual event was organised by the ASDW, the Thames Valley Region branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the Wokingham Round Table. This was a charity event and the profits that have been collected from selling tickets will be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Wokingham Wine Festival
Wokingham Wine Festival

The Wokingham Wine Festival was held during 2 days and it was held in the Main Hall, upstairs in the old Town Hall, in the Market Place in the centre of historic Wokingham over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday 4 and 5 December 2011. There were a number of wine merchants who came to the event.

Wokingham Wine Festival
Wokingham Wine Festival

For the special event which was aimed for charity provided many kinds of wine which could be tasted with no additional charge. So it was an advantageous event for the merchants and others. It was a fantastic opportunity to stock up for Christmas by getting wines from exhibiting merchants.

To enjoy the wine, seagreen tableware products and disposable drinking glasses will be a nice vessel while drinking a glass of wine.

Pour your favorite wine into Champagne Flute Seagreen
Pour your favorite wine into Champagne Flute Seagreen

Wilton Blueberry Festival

blueberry fruitsWith blueberry flavor in Maine comes the 29th Annual Wilton Blueberry Festival, when you are able to pick your particular berries likewise to getting a charge out of an abundance of blueberry heated products. The celebration moreover emphasizes exist diversion, outlets, and a firecrackers showcase to finish off the yearly celebrations. Later in the month, the Machias Wild Blueberry Festival occurs for the 36th time with challenges, shopping, and obviously, blueberries.

aqua plate white
blueberry cheese cake will look great on this white aqua plate

Blueberry fruit are famous as a cake flavor, and called Blueberry Cheesecake. This cake is so famous and delicious, you can actually saw it in any cake store in town. This blueberry cheeses cakes are best to bake with disposable silverware like round mousse ring to retain the shape. Take a slice of blueberry cheese cake and place on a nice white aqua plastic plates and served.

Georgia Peach Festival

Peach Festival elevates many Peach County and the peach industry that has donated so far to the occupation of the state of Georgia. Georgia ranks third in the country in the yearly processing of peaches, with something greater than 15,000 sections of land of peach trees yielding something greater than 1.7 million bushels of peaches yearly.

peach fruits displayed

triangle shape appetizer plate
Would a slice of Peach Cake will look great with this plate? Of course!

 The motivation behind the Peach Festival is to respect peach cultivators for their gift to our state’s economy and to the nourishment industry far reaching. Peaches are also used to baked many recipes and best partnered with tableware like crunchy peach cake sliced with disposable knifes, peach pies in clear disposable plate, peach ice cream, peach juice in plastic glasses and many more.

Delray Beach Garlic Fest

Delicious garlic recipes and Chef competitions make the Garlic Fest a fabulous and fun festival in Delray Beach.

chefs garlic recipes

Devour exceptional garlic plates combining top picks like flaring shrimp scampi. You would be able to additionally devour garlic crab cakes, garlic bruschetta, garlic pizza, garlic Argentine BBQ with garlic dark beans and rice, garlic portobello sandwich and a large number of more combining fixing it off with garlic gelato served with cold drinks on plastic cups.

white square plate All these are possible because of good chefs in the event and the special use of white tableware  products. The use of these disposable plastic plate are great idea for a large celebration like this.

America’s Favorite Buffalo Wing Festival

buffalo chicken wings

Over the course of nine past occasions, the NATIONAL BUFFALO WING FESTIVAL has drawn something greater than part of a million guests, served some 2.9 million chicken wings, raised $200,000 for local charities, and received extensive national and universal media attention. Chicken wing sweethearts hailed from every one of the 50 states and 36 nations to be part of this mind blowing festival.

round elegant plastic plateThe main reason of this event is the tens of thousands of visitors will take-in this year’s festival, and that’s to eat lots and lots of chicken wings served with clear plastic plates and others on plastic black tableware. Rest assured that something greater than 35 nearby and national restaurants, plus alternate specialists, could be serving-up something greater than 100 mixed bags of every warm body’s most preferred finger sustenance, as well as different Buffalo Style Foods.

The festival will be more delicious and practical to celebrate when everyone will used disposable plastic plates as they enjoy eating together lots of buffalo wings to celebrate the event.