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Toronto Vegan/Raw Food Festival, December 2011

The Toronto Vegan/Raw Food Festival was held on the earlier December 2011, at the community arts and event center located at 918 Bathrust Street in Toronto, Ontario. This event was the second raw/vegan food festival that have been hosted along this year. At the big food festival, there were tons of food companies on hand giving out samples of their products. For those who want to try and see how a raw or vegan lifestyle works, this event could be the bridge of raw/vegan lifestyle knowledge. Apart from various kind of raw/vegan foods, there were also live entertainment, cruelty-free cosmetics, toiletries, healthcare products, and ethical clothing and a lot of products for you to taste, test and touch. Food companies that joined the food festival used black dinnerware items and white tableware products to attract more audience.

Toronto raw/vegan food festival 2011
Toronto raw/vegan food festival 2011

Admission to The Toronto Vegan/Raw Festival was free and the first 1000 entries received free laminated reference guides from Helping Hands. The festival ran on Saturday the 3rd from 10am to 8pm and on Sunday the 4th from 10am to 4pm and all of the workshops was held after 4.30. So if you live in or near Toronto then stop by and if you are looking for a great weekend trip, Toronto is the spot. But if you didn’t attend the latest Toronto Raw/Vegan event on the end of this year, you can wait and join the next event which will be held on the earlier month of 2012.

raw zucchini spaghetti
raw zucchini spaghetti

Christmas Culinary Event, Gastown Food Tour

Taste Vancouver Tours presents a christmas culinary event which is being held from December 1st 2011 until January 8th 2012 from 2p.m to 4 p.m. You can come and tantalize your taste buds with the host “Gassy Jack” who will also lead you on a guide of two hours walking Christmas food tour through hid Gastown “hood”.

Vancouver culinary festival
Gastown Food Tour

With the price of $39 for the ticket, you can enjoy the atmosphere and quality time by tasting Lobster Mac n’ Cheese, drinking “Blitzen” Ale, Crab Cakes and Chocolate Orange Cheesecake just to name a few of the culinary delights you will be enjoying. And another uniqueness of this culinary event is that you will be entertained with Gastown’s colourful history and culture while enjoying some of Vancouver’s 10 trendy eateries.

The tour starts with Egg Nog Lattes and pastries served up by partner host Starbucks. The tour accommodates up to 16 persons and each guest receives their own audio equipment so they won’t miss a word of “Gassy Jack’s” tales. By the end of the tour you will be well fed and well informed as you learn some history and enjoy other delicious treats including Italian tortellini, 18 hour Carolina style smoked Pulled Pork, which is served on quality disposable tableware; traditional Quebec Pulled Maple Taffy, “Empress Square” Chocolates, Market Spice Tea , which is served in plastic cups, and melt-your-mouth Shortbread cookies.

Vancouver food festival
Gastown Food Tour

Pre-Selections for Bernard Loiseau Culinary Festival 2012

With just 4 months to go until the Bernard Loiseau Culinary Festival gets underway next March. Chefs from different parts of the world have been taking part in the final pre-selection event. The next Bernard Loiseau Culinary Festival 2012 will be an exceptional festival, with one candidate taking part from each of the resorts. In last November, all candidates were tasked with preparing a starter and a main course, all using the same ingredients.

For the appetizer

Jerôme Manifacier & Ashley Ramasawmy at 2011 festival
Jerôme Manifacier & Ashley Ramasawmy at 2011 festival
  • Shrimps 21/25
  • Tomato
  • Olive oil
  • Bell pepper
  • Lemongrass

For the main course

  • Fillet of fresh red snapper
  • Sweet potato
  • Coconut milk
  • Ginger
  • Lemon

For the pre-selection itself envolves 4 jury members for each resort. The rules and regulations, the timing, and the ingredients were the same. The task was for each candidate to express his technique and creativity, and aim to impress the jury members.

Members of the jury at Bernard Loiseau Culinary Festival 2011
Members of the jury at Bernard Loiseau Culinary Festival 2011

The judging criteria includes :

  • Hygiene (Grooming, work flow, cleanliness, respect of hygiene standards) – out of 20 points
  • Respect of culinary techniques –out of 20 points
  • Organisation – out of 20 points
  • Fair-play attitude – out of 20 points
  • Timing – out of 20 points

Chefs use white tableware products and clear tableware products to serve their food creations.

Burlington Chocolate Festival

melting chocolate

Who knew there was an entire festival dedicated to…chocolate? That’s right! The Burlington Chocolate Fest is honoring the “Pirates of the Chocolate Be’an” in their annual chocolate extravaganza. Festival goers get to eat chocolate bar served in premium tableware, wear chocolate, make art with chocolate and even pair chocolate with wine and drinks served in plastic glasses.

plain whiite dessert plate
Slice your favorite chocolate cake or a scoop your favorite chocolate ice cream,

Chocolate will always be our favorite, even you! The sweetest thing man has ever made was chocolate. Chocolates can be made of thousands of recipes, the most common was chocolate cake and ice cream. The festival served thousand of pounds chocolate, like chocolate cakes served in a single plastic plates.

Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival

carved cheese contestEvery June Wisconsin honors dairy month with a “cheesy” celebration—the Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival! The Festival is a celebration of Wisconsin state’s dairy industry and to acknowledge our area cheese producers.

The Festival is a celebration of our state’s dairy industry and to acknowledge our area cheese producers.  The Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival is a three-day event that takes place at Doyle Park.  The Festival is a family event that features music, the Big Cheese parade, cheese tasting, a cheese carving demonstration, a cheesecake contest, cheese curd eating contests, carnival rides, children’s games and entertainment

The event produced hundred of kilos of pure cheese to accommodate the guests and participants. Cheesecakes are served in plastic plates with disposable forks and plastic cups for drinks.

seagreen modern dessert plate
One slice of delicious cheesecake will look more craving on these medium modern plate.

Santa Paula Citrus Festival

Santa Paula is best known as the Citrus Capital of the World because of its expansive lemon and orange orchards, the City of Santa Paula celebrates the fruit of California every year with its popular Kiwanis Citrus Festival. The fact that Santa Paula is home to expansive lemon and orange orchards.

Parade of Citrus ftuits

Live music and amusement rides abound as people from all over the sunshine state gather to celebrate citrus. Pucker up for lemon juice drinking contests and lemon bobbing. Not to mention awards for largest citrus, fastest peeling and best lemon bars.

clear trumpet cup
Pour your favorite citrus juice on this very elegant trumpet glass. Yum!

Citrus are known around the world as one of the best source of juice, like citrus juice. The Santa Paula Citrus Festival showcase different citrus recipes to promote their country as citrus capital of the world. Citrus juice served with plastic glasses, citrus pie was served both white tableware and clear plastic plates. The event ended successful.

Bourne Scallop Fest

Famous Scallop recipes
Famous Scallop and Herb-Roasted Chicken Dinners

More than three tons of scallops will be served to some 50,000 attendees at the 42d Annual Bourne Scallop Fest. In addition to the seafood dishes served in clear plastic plates, there will also be arts and crafts vendors, a midway of carnival rides and games, and a full entertainment slate. A great way to say farewell to the sights and smells of summer for another year.

bamboo made plate
The other way and the most conventional way to served famous scallop recipes, disposable bamboo dish.

The center of the celebration is, obviously, our terrific Scallop or Herb-broiled Chicken suppers that are served in white tableware products and other disposable plates. You could probably like your dish and listen to excitement in the Big Tent or take your chow outside placed in biodegradable plate and appreciate the view of the Cape Cod Canal and the renowned worldwide Railroad Bridge.

Hampton Beach Seafood Festival

seafood festival celebrationHampton Beach finishes off its summer flavor with a seafood victory, emphasizing something greater than 60 dominion restaurants available. Additionally available: various abstractions and artworks tables, firecrackers, a sky-swooping demonstrate, and a lobster roll consuming rivalry. Yankee Magazine just called the celebration one of the top 20 occasions in New Hampshire, and the American Business Association has over and over called it one of the top 100 occasions in America. Declaring farewell to summer never tasted so great.

Over 50 of the Seacoasts best restaurants serving a plenitude of mouthwatering seafood luxuries, grilled fish meat stab with kabobs stick for bbq, fish fillets served in bamboo disposables, and hundred of gallons beer served in plastic cups ; 80 Arts & Crafts outlets advocating by regional standards made units; countless Ocean Boulevard vendors offering finish-of-the-time of year Sidewalk Sales; a Kiddie Land with the areas most drastically outstanding Celebrities in Childrens Entertainment; ceaseless Culinary Chef Demonstrations processed by Pat Whitley; and a few stages of persistent diversion with 15 Bands and Orchestras.

bamboo made paddle skewer
Stab your favorite and delicious seafood meat with this disposable paddle skewer.

Vermont Garlic and Herb Festival

vermont garlic ang herb festival logo“Vermont stinks” is the motto for this celebration, now 15 years running, but this is to be taken as a compliment.The annual event in Bennington will feature countless opportunities for garlic and herb lovers to sample specialty foods made with the ingredients including garlic bread served in clear plastic plates, garlic jelly on plastic cups, and garlic ice cream scoops in pidy waffle cones. You can even sample a garlic margarita in plastic glasses.

Everything from garlic ice cream to garlic jelly, pickled garlic, roasted garlic, garlic braids and, of course, plain garlic bulbs of every variety will be available for sampling and purchase, along with planting and braiding demonstrations as well as cooking demonstrations.

For aspiring gardeners, garlic growers, garlic-lovers or those essentially searching for a diversion gameplan to spend a Vermont close-of-sunny season day, the occasion pledges something for most living breathing souls.

pidy waffle cone
Three scoops of delicious garlic ice cream on these pidy waffle cone? Yummy!

Milford Oyster Festival

Slup up every last trace of the oysters that you are able to handle at this twelve-month occasion in Milford, Conn. The festival, in existence since 1975, features food served in premium tableware, children’s entertainment, canoe and kayak races, a firefighter dunk tank, and a classic car show. The festival’s goal is to provide a forum for nonprofit organizations to raise funds for various causes. Free admission. No pets.

oyster recipe

white plastic incline glass
Incline plastic glass full of your favorite beer.

The festival features different recipes and style of cooking oyster, everyone were happy and full, all the dishes are served with disposable plastic plate and tasty beers in plastic cups.  The Milford Oyster Festival has some of the finest artworks folks displaying, and we welcome them into our show. Every exhibitor has his or her particular exceptional method of making their work-and in spite of the fact that a few or more individuals might do comparable specialties, the distinction and exceptional aesthetic capabilities of the artist/artisan creates every one’s work stand out particularly from the others.