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Cocktail Stirrer For All Types of Drinks

The cocktail stirrer was invented in the West Indies in the early 1700s; originally called the ‘Rum Stirrer’. It was created by quickly rolling a dried stem between the hands transforming ingredients into a cocktail. This piece of equipment has evolved into a staple cocktail making tool. Today’s version of the rum stirrer, also known as a swizzle stick, is a small plastic or glass stick. Its main function is to stir cocktails to prevent alcohol settling at the bottom and decorating drinks with fruit. 

This popular bar accessory is available in a range of colours and styles. You can customise the cocktail stirrer to coincide with the colour scheme of your company, or simply provide different colours so that everyone can easily identify their drinks. You have the option of personalising the swizzle stick for special occasions or using them as a promotional branding tool.

The beauty of the cocktail stirrer is that they can be completely unique incorporating your own personal style and flair. You will find endless options from basic designs to novelty party ideas. Some basic styles include the glass stirring rod or flat ball stirrer; made from glass featuring a small ball at the end. The disc stir stick; this is a simple plastic design with a flat disc at the end.

More unusual options include prism stirrers which have a triangular prism shape, and swirl stir sticks which feature a swirled end. Now for the more creative styles, glow in the dark products have always been a huge hit, this is also the case with glow in the dark swizzle sticks. Believe it or not you can also opt for a LED sound responsive stir stick; when put in the cocktail and placed near music, the LED will pulse in time to the beat.

Martini Picks Add that Extra Flare to Your Drinks

Using martini picks is a great way to add an extra bit of class to your drink. These picks can be used at your next party, or get together to make your drink really stand out from the rest. Everyone knows that the finishing touch on a martini is the olives which add to their flavor. Rather then just dropping them into the drink itself they are often skewered by a tooth pick and placed on an angle into the glass.

A great way to add some style to that drink is by using martini picks. They come in different colors and styles and will give your martini that extra pop it needs to stand out from the rest. You can also use them to stir your drink as well. If you like you can leave the olives attached to the pick, or you can release the olives into the drink and use the pick to stir them around.

A martini has always been known as a very classy drink. Men and women have been consuming this alcoholic beverage for years. This is why it’s important for you to make your martini’s stand out. People will be amazed at how much thought you have actually put into your party planning when they see creative items holding their olives into place inside of their drinks.

This item can also be used at bars and clubs to coordinate along with any theme. They can be used at barbeque’s, luau’s, or even small get together’s. They virtually fit into any setting perfectly. So the next time you are thinking of having a party and want that extra touch that your guests will admire you should consider using martini picks in your guests martini’s.

Using Cocktail Sticks For Garnishes

Cocktail sticks are useful tools for securing garnishes in drinks and holding appetizers together. The sticks come in different lengths 4 inches, 6 inches and 10 inches. They also come in different materials like plastic, steel and wood. They decorate a table of tray with their interesting shapes and variety. Shrimp topped sticks or umbrella topped sticks can decorate any situation.

Cocktail sticks come in a variety of looks like the glow stick which has a top half in red, pink, green, blue and yellow. They’re even holiday picks like the Santa Clause head picks which look very festive in a glass of holiday cheer. 

The screw top cocktail picks are made of metal. These picks are 4 and three quarters inch long and made of reusable stainless steel. There’s also a plain style which just has a simple head that’s thicker than the stem. Its a nice look for someone who appreciates simplicity. With the metal picks you’ll need to instruct your guests to deposit the picks in a container when finished so that you can collect them later and wash them.

Cocktail picks or sticks help the hostess serve appetizers also. Food can easily be served in groupings as appetizers when they are held together by sticks and it decorates your tray with color and texture. One tasty selection is serving blocks of cheese with olives and anchovies. Roll the anchovies around the olive and use a pick to hold them together and serve.

The garnish and the appetizer is elevated to celebratory status when a stick or pick used for cocktails is introduced. Both the table and the tray are made to look very festive and fun. Whether they glow in the dark or are simply conversation pieces, use cocktail picks and sticks to make serving your guests easier and more interesting.


Modern Seagreen Tableware Has Proved to Be the New Trend

If you are designing a new modern kitchen, you might want to give seagreen tableware a try. Seagreen tableware is the new trend. Seagreen accent color is being used by designers, catering companies, and families. This color can be used in several different ways and is commonly used with black. The way seagreen looks with black is why it is becoming so popular. Even seagreen plastic ware is being used to bring a sense of moderness to picnics and events. It is becoming more and more popular. Tableware can be a tough option to choose but whether it is plates, glasses, or silverware, the biggest trend today is seagreen.

A lot of catering companies are using seagreen plastic ware because no matter what the event they are hired for it adds a touch of class and goes with about any style. They are also using seagreen tableware to add moderness to public events. It is commonly used with black. If you have a black and white style, which most catering companies do, then add seagreen accent color, it simply makes a table pop and is great accent to food as well.

Whether it is clear glass or solid color seagreen can make a normal kitchen turn into a very classy and stylish dining room. The most common ways seagreen is used is with black. A black tablecloth and green plates with a green curtain on bay window can be a very cost effective way to do a simple but very modern kitchen. Also Black plates with silverware wrapped in seagreen napkins and seagreen glasses is another common way to make a very classy appearance. The best thing about seagreen is whether you are preparing a nice dinner for formal guests or having a casual brunch, you will look like you are on top of your design.

Plastic Smallware: Keeps Your House, Office or Work Area Clutter Free

Yes, plastic smallware, these small rectangular boxes or cylindrical containers made of plastic may look very ordinary to some, but when you look at the myriad uses it can do to make life organized and clutter-free you will be amazed! If you are the type of person who wants everything in its proper place and wants easy retrieval of details in the house – from screws in the garage, to needles and thread in your clothing repair kit, to storage of sweets and candies so they will not pose as an open invitation to unwanted and annoying insects like ants – then, plastic smallware should be your constant companion.

Food that need to be kept in the refrigerator, stacked in plastic small ware is space saving, convenient to use, keeps

Various odors from mixing up inside the ref. From marinates, to left over’s to ready-to-cook food for the next meal. What a great but simple idea! For this purpose, you need the food-grade type. Meaning the plastics does not react with the food for storage – so the taste and aroma do not change when stored. Or more importantly, the chemical reaction will not be detrimental to one’s health.

Going to your toolbox in the garage where you keep a dozen or more kinds of screws, nails, hooks for your handyman job in the house – make storage and retrieval of say, six sizes of screws in six different small cartridges, hooks of varying purposes and sizes – as easy as a breeze.

And to think that these all-around utility organizers, for the very minimal amount you invest in them, give you benefits maybe a ten or a hundred-fold! If still you are not using them in your work area – in the house or office – it’s about time you did!

Clear Plastic Plates Are Suitable For Any Occasion

Are you planning a event and are not sure about what type of plates to use? Plastic plates now come in so many styles and shapes that they are perfect for any occasion. Clear plastic plates are especially beautiful.

New technology has made it possible for these types of plates to be stronger and better designed than they have in the past. Clear plastic plates are suitable for everything. From picnics to your most formal events such as a wedding or milestone birthday celebration. These plates are sturdy and well made. Your guests will appreciate the fact that you picked these clear plastic plates over other flimsy paper types.

If you think that you need to dress up these plates for a wedding just use chargers at each tables place setting. The plastic plate on top will let the chargers color show through and you will not be able to tell that these are plastic.

When you need to have a plate, renting them can be costly and complicated. You will need to clean each plate before returning it to the rental company. You will also be responsible if any of the plates are broken or chipped. Using plastic plates can alleviate all of this. Clear plastic plates are so beautiful no one will even notice.

These plates come in many sizes so make sure that you have enough for everything from appetizers and dessert. You will always need a few extras also because people will want to have seconds. There are matching glasses that go with these plates and they can complete your serving needs.

These same plastic plates are great for picnics. The plates do not weigh much so carrying them can be especially easy. They are sturdy and you will not need to worry about the plate bending or not being able to hold food. Everyone will be happy that you have chosen these type of plates.

Plastic Swizzle Sticks Great For Stirring

Plastic swizzle sticks are supposed to be used to stir your drink. Primarily a swizzle stick makes your drink look attractive and fun. With the wide range of styles a drink can be made to commemorate an occasion with personalized swizzles and fun with parasol drink umbrellas and pool balls.

Pool balls, Hawaiian tikis, palm trees, green shamrocks, pink flamingos, pink elephants, parasol drink umbrellas, personalized swizzle sticks, wedding swizzle sticks with the names of the bride and groom, Nick and Nora Cowboy and Cactus, monkey and fez, plastic olive, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and Leaning Tower of Pisa are all swizzle stick designs. As a host or hostess you should be able to find a design that would represent the theme of your party. Because the swizzle sticks are all made of plastic they are very affordable including the acrylic landmark swizzle sticks.

Personalized swizzle sticks that can be for simple parties or wedding receptions with the names of the host or the bride and groom on the stick. They also carry wedding cake stir sticks in white making the occasion more festive. Personalized sticks are special and so are the following specialty sticks. Six to ten inch light sticks can be used as swizzle sticks that glow in the dark. Amber rock candy swizzle sticks are available too. Skull swizzle sticks seem perfect for a Gothic party. You might be fooled into believing something fell into your drink with tree branch sticks. Luckily they are brightly colored.

Plastic swizzle sticks are designed to cover a wide range of occasions, parties, weddings and a night out on the town at the local bar. Personalized plastic swizzle sticks make it possible to throw a party that lets others know it’s a special occasion. These and so many others are so unique they could even be party favors.


Discover the Unique Offerings at Pastry Chef Corner

The term ‘amuse bouche’ is French for bite-sized appetizers or hors d’oeuvres, also sometimes called simply ‘starters’. Pastry Chef Corner has a wide range of items designed to serve these before-meal tidbits with style and flair, ranging from the simplest bamboo skewers to a collection of upscale and elegant deluxe, plastic cups. It is currently considered both trendy and environmentally friendly to utilize bamboo disposables at wedding receptions, buffets and other functions where hors d’oeuvres are being served. They are a particular favorite of caterers, as they lend a certain flavor with their varied colors, natural beauty and eco-friendliness. 

Bamboo skewers are also great for grilling fish, kabobs, satay, chicken and for serving cubed fruit, cheese and skewered vegetables. Apparently, they are also critical for serving an authentic ‘Signature Cocktail’. It’s important to remember when using bamboo skewers for grilling that they need to be soaked in water beforehand, for 20 to 30 minutes, to prevent them from igniting while on the grill.

Although meant to be disposable after use, these skewers are recyclable (since they are organic) and can even be cleaned and reused if used for other than cooking. Bamboo skewers come in a variety of sizes and designs, and the Pastry Chef Corner has dozens of different styles available. These include loop-top picks from 3.5 inches to 6 inches in length, knotted skewers, paddle skewers and those with a colored mini-ball fixed at the end. They are also available with colorful braided ends and even with a pedestal base for displaying the skewered food in an upright position.

Pastry Chef Corner can be accessed through a couple of websites, and You will also find a large assortment of other serving ideas on these sites, from mini-boats and bowls to plates and wooden serving cones. Enjoy!

Pastry Accessories Help Create Wondrous Desserts

Pastry accessories help bakers create the wondrous desserts that we see in bakeries. The tools help bakers craft the delectable and tasty treats they creatively put together. By using these tools they can craft shaped cookies, shape cannolis and cut marzipan shapes to adorn a cake.

The tools that constitute accessories are pastry blenders, rolling pins and pastry brushes. Blending flour effectively requires a pastry blender. Rolling pins roll out the dough for biscuits and cookies as well as breakfast pastries. Pastry brushes allow the baker to spread butter or other liquids on pastry before it cooks or while it cooks.

The pastry wheel and cutter are used to cut the fluted edges on raviolis and fluted edges on homemade graham crackers. Metal cutters help create very interesting pastry shapes in the form of cookies, biscuits and cakes. A pastry forms and piping set is used to create the widest variety of designs. By learning the intricacies of the set of tools almost anything can be created with frosting on a cake. With about ten tips the baker can create roses, carnations, daisies, pansies, ribbons, drapes, swags, bows and streamers, rosebuds, ruffles, and sweet peas. Ropes, puffs, rosettes, fleurs-de-lis, scrolls, zigzags, shell borders, leaves with or without veins, stars, strings, beads, dots, balls, stems, vines, flower centers, lattice, cornelli lace and a wide variety of variations of these designs can be formed with the piping set.

Pastry accessories turn plain food into unique culinary treats after they are blended, baked and decorated. Using these accessories gives the baker the freedom to complete their tasks faster and more efficiently. The preparation is done just a little bit faster with the help of these tools. These are only a few of the pastry accessories available to make baking easier, but they are the most popular tools.

Disposable Plates – The Cost Effective Solution

If you are throwing a party or simply having a large gathering that involves food, disposable plates are the best way to serve your guests. Not only are they convenient and cheap to buy, but they also save you the trouble of cleaning up after people and washing annoying stains day after day. Think about it for a second. How much time do you waste by washing dishes that are left around the house from various meals? By using disposable dishes, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of cleaning as you can just throw out what isn’t needed anymore.

On top of this, you can save an incredible amount of money by avoiding the purchase of expensive china and other dishes. How many times have you watched a friend or child break one of your expensive plates carelessly? By choosing to use disposable plates, you avoid having to replace these costly plates and can give kids an easier type of plate which they can eat from. Not having to deal with heavy plates can help save the family a lot of trouble.

The overall convenience of not having to deal with china and regular plates benefits everyone. Large amounts of money can be saved by not buying expensive china, making serving dinner a lot easier of a task during your already stressful day. If you are hosting a large party or having unexpected guests over, this inexpensive alternative can also make your task a lot easier as you can feed a horde of people on a small budget by buying a large stack that will cost you very little. Disposable plates provide families with a cheap and convenient substitute for regular china and are an easy way to help feed the many people who come through your door!