Using Cocktail Sticks For Garnishes

Cocktail sticks are useful tools for securing garnishes in drinks and holding appetizers together. The sticks come in different lengths 4 inches, 6 inches and 10 inches. They also come in different materials like plastic, steel and wood. They decorate a table of tray with their interesting shapes and variety. Shrimp topped sticks or umbrella topped sticks can decorate any situation.

Cocktail sticks come in a variety of looks like the glow stick which has a top half in red, pink, green, blue and yellow. They’re even holiday picks like the Santa Clause head picks which look very festive in a glass of holiday cheer. 

The screw top cocktail picks are made of metal. These picks are 4 and three quarters inch long and made of reusable stainless steel. There’s also a plain style which just has a simple head that’s thicker than the stem. Its a nice look for someone who appreciates simplicity. With the metal picks you’ll need to instruct your guests to deposit the picks in a container when finished so that you can collect them later and wash them.

Cocktail picks or sticks help the hostess serve appetizers also. Food can easily be served in groupings as appetizers when they are held together by sticks and it decorates your tray with color and texture. One tasty selection is serving blocks of cheese with olives and anchovies. Roll the anchovies around the olive and use a pick to hold them together and serve.

The garnish and the appetizer is elevated to celebratory status when a stick or pick used for cocktails is introduced. Both the table and the tray are made to look very festive and fun. Whether they glow in the dark or are simply conversation pieces, use cocktail picks and sticks to make serving your guests easier and more interesting.


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