The Beauty and Versatility of White Tableware

For today’s fashion conscious homemakers, whether you’re using it for everyday meals, a formal dinner party or special holiday fare, white tableware is a clean, versatile way to present your fine cooking to family or friends. It always looks effortlessly elegant, yet artfully simple on your table and pairs so nicely with so many colors. One of my favorite colors to pair with white dinnerware is royal blue, but it looks equally beautiful paired with red accessories and exceptionally elegant with black. Nothing says elegance like black and white on your table.

Outside of the home, for catering purposes, white tableware can be the very best choice possible, for its obvious versatility. The savvy caterer can mix and match all shapes and sizes, designer and non-designer manufacturers, as long as they stay in the same white family. Ivory chinaware, also known as American White, complements the color of time-honored US designed and manufactured dinnerware. Bright white porcelain, also often referred to as European white, offers an outstanding tabletop work of art for the fastidious caterer. Bright white dinnerware lines usually include numerous shapes, from everyday round to trendy square plates ranging in size from 5″, 10” or even 12″, and an assortment of serving pieces, cups, saucers and bowls as well.

For restaurant purposes, white tableware is the latest and greatest trend for the well-planned restaurant tabletop. Bright white dinnerware has emerged as the sturdiest of all the tableware colors. One of the most popular varieties is bright white vitrified china. The white color is commonly derived from the actual clay itself and the tableware is fired at an extremely high temperature, resulting in vitrification. The resulting china is exceptionally non-porous and tough, capable of taking the intense handling that is necessary in the restaurant business. Vitrified chinaware possesses high heat retention capabilities, as well as being microwave and dishwasher safe and going safely from freezer to oven. Tableware that is not vitrified, will absorb moisture, expanding and contracting the body of the china, which causes internal stress that leads to breakage.

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