Swizzle Sticks Keep Your Home Bar Fun

Some things will never go out of style: Sinatra, a good suit, and a proper cocktail. A set of tasteful glass barware and some swizzle sticks can add a touch of class and fun to a cocktail party. Offer your guests some classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned, an Americano, or a Manhattan in gorgeous glasses with a cocktail stirrer and just the right garnish. It will be an evening to remember!

Building a great at-home bar is key to hosting a successful cocktail or dinner party in your home. Not only is the stock of liquor, aromatics, garnishes, and mixers important to offer your guests any common cocktail they might desire, but so are all of the bar accessories needed to make a drink. Online shopping offers endless choices for any style of glassware a shopper might be looking for.

Having the right selection of specialized glassware and other bar accessories can make or break a cocktail party. Buy matched sets of martini glasses, low and high ball glasses, and possibly even snifters to build a comprehensive set. Don’t forget other rink accessoriesd such as garnish picks and swizzle sticks. Also consider metal cocktail shakers (keep in the freezer for extra chill), shot measurer, long-stemmed spoon or muddler, and a cocktail strainer.

Add character to your mixed cocktails with all the right garnishes as well as swizzle sticks. Make your drink recipes look as good as they taste by giving your guests a complete and visually pleasing drink. Keep the right fruit, jarred olives or onions, and vegetables needed to garnish common drinks on-hand. And think about how cocktail stirrers can emphasize the look and theme of the drink and barware to unify the look and feel your unique cocktail party.

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