Summertime is Perfect for Kabob Meals with Skewers

Picnic season is finally here and so is the time for barbeques. In America peak grilling months are May through September. The weather gets warmer and people are ready for that fresh cooked grill taste in their food. This is the perfect time for using skewers. These great cooking utensils are perfect for kabobs and any type of small special food items that are cooked over an open fire or grill top.

When it comes to grilling, they are perfect for cooking vegetable kabobs, meat kabobs or seafood kabobs. In addition to a cooking utensil they can be served right on a plate for use as a food holder. They make any plate look fancy especially with a garnished side dish of rice, potatoes or fruit.

Skewers that made of wood are primarily for light grilling and are made of a wood. These are geared to be more of a disposable one time use. However, it should be noted that there are some manufactured from a fancier more durable wood. These are made for fruit or cold food items and they are not meant for cooking over an open fire. Metal ones are meant for grilling and can double as a serving utensil during meals. They are mostly made of heat resistant metals so they can withstand the grill temperatures without affecting food flavor or quality. With proper care these utensils can last a long time and can be used throughout the grilling season.

Plastic skewers are typically only used for cold food items such as fruit, cakes and pastries. They are great for special social functions and picnics where cold food is the specialty. Like regular meat kabobs they can be used in combinations of fruits and pastries. They are also a great favorite for raw vegetables and look wonderful next to dipping sauces.

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