Skewer Bamboo Can Be Used For Many Purposes

Do you want to make some exciting dishes that are a bit unordinary? You can create food items on skewer bamboo sticks. Placing food items on these can create a unique display of food. Skewers can be used for meat and fruit mixtures to create a great looking and tasty shish kebab. If you first soak the skewers in water they will not burn when cooking.

Placing fruit on these same skewer bamboo sticks you can create desserts that are easy to serve, delicious to eat and great to look at. Pick fruits such as strawberries, pineapple and kiwis. Orange slices and blueberries work well also. These fruits are good because they can be prepared well before eating and will not turn brown or look old. Apples and banana would work well, but need to be eaten quickly unless you first soak in lemon juice. These cute skewers of fruit work well at buffets or just as an unique dessert.

Skewer bamboo sticks can be used for fondue dishes. You can use them in hot oil if you first soak them in water to prevent burning. They work just as well for dipping fruit in melted chocolate. Cheese fondue is good served on bamboo skewers.

There are many ways to use these bamboo skewers, your imagination will be the only thing stopping you for using them in everything from appetizers to desserts that can be picked up to eat .You may also use them as decorative items in other dishes. Placing food items on the sticks and then putting them into other food items. These work well for parties and events where buffets are served. You can have fun creating new food items with these sticks they add excitement and uniqueness to any meal.


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