Proper Barware for the Home Bar

When building a home bar it is critical to have the right barware for the job. When you are entertaining people you will find that many enjoy a wide variety of drinks. When you have a bar that is equipped with the proper barware people will be impressed.

First thing that you need is a wine opener. You can go two ways with. Option one is to look for one of the fancier options that will be air powered or screw on. These look great and people are often impressed but usually they don’t work over the course of time. The best second option is an old school wine key that most servers use around the country. The wine key is a little tricky at first but once you get it you will be able to impress by doing a proper presentation.

Included in all great bars must be the proper glassware. Different drinks need different glasses and that is a fact. You always want to be able to serve martinis in the correct glass. You also want to be equipped with wine glasses for red and white along with rocks and pilsner glasses. This is key when trying to impress.

Speaking of martinis you must look into a proper set of mixing tins. Remember we prefer to have our drinks shaken not stirred.

Of course there a few more items to round out your barware. You are going to need a bottle opener of course. This is a great item to have hanging on the wall. You can find great ones from all your favorite beer companies. You will also find that it is helpful to have a muddle, a knife and a cutting board for drinks that include fruit.

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