Plastic Swizzle Sticks Great For Stirring

Plastic swizzle sticks are supposed to be used to stir your drink. Primarily a swizzle stick makes your drink look attractive and fun. With the wide range of styles a drink can be made to commemorate an occasion with personalized swizzles and fun with parasol drink umbrellas and pool balls.

Pool balls, Hawaiian tikis, palm trees, green shamrocks, pink flamingos, pink elephants, parasol drink umbrellas, personalized swizzle sticks, wedding swizzle sticks with the names of the bride and groom, Nick and Nora Cowboy and Cactus, monkey and fez, plastic olive, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and Leaning Tower of Pisa are all swizzle stick designs. As a host or hostess you should be able to find a design that would represent the theme of your party. Because the swizzle sticks are all made of plastic they are very affordable including the acrylic landmark swizzle sticks.

Personalized swizzle sticks that can be for simple parties or wedding receptions with the names of the host or the bride and groom on the stick. They also carry wedding cake stir sticks in white making the occasion more festive. Personalized sticks are special and so are the following specialty sticks. Six to ten inch light sticks can be used as swizzle sticks that glow in the dark. Amber rock candy swizzle sticks are available too. Skull swizzle sticks seem perfect for a Gothic party. You might be fooled into believing something fell into your drink with tree branch sticks. Luckily they are brightly colored.

Plastic swizzle sticks are designed to cover a wide range of occasions, parties, weddings and a night out on the town at the local bar. Personalized plastic swizzle sticks make it possible to throw a party that lets others know it’s a special occasion. These and so many others are so unique they could even be party favors.


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