Plastic Smallware: Keeps Your House, Office or Work Area Clutter Free

Yes, plastic smallware, these small rectangular boxes or cylindrical containers made of plastic may look very ordinary to some, but when you look at the myriad uses it can do to make life organized and clutter-free you will be amazed! If you are the type of person who wants everything in its proper place and wants easy retrieval of details in the house – from screws in the garage, to needles and thread in your clothing repair kit, to storage of sweets and candies so they will not pose as an open invitation to unwanted and annoying insects like ants – then, plastic smallware should be your constant companion.

Food that need to be kept in the refrigerator, stacked in plastic small ware is space saving, convenient to use, keeps

Various odors from mixing up inside the ref. From marinates, to left over’s to ready-to-cook food for the next meal. What a great but simple idea! For this purpose, you need the food-grade type. Meaning the plastics does not react with the food for storage – so the taste and aroma do not change when stored. Or more importantly, the chemical reaction will not be detrimental to one’s health.

Going to your toolbox in the garage where you keep a dozen or more kinds of screws, nails, hooks for your handyman job in the house – make storage and retrieval of say, six sizes of screws in six different small cartridges, hooks of varying purposes and sizes – as easy as a breeze.

And to think that these all-around utility organizers, for the very minimal amount you invest in them, give you benefits maybe a ten or a hundred-fold! If still you are not using them in your work area – in the house or office – it’s about time you did!

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