Disposable Glasses for Everyday Use

Disposable glasses are one item that no home should be without a good supply of. Whether they are needed for a spontaneous barbecue, a planned tailgate party, or just around the home, they are an invaluable item to keep stocked in your pantry.

For events both at home and away, disposable glasses make a great addition to supplies list. For a barbecue at the local park, a tailgate party, or a hike in the mountains these glasses can make the whole day easier. They are light to carry and inexpensive enough to throw away after use. This helps reduce cleanup time both at the event and at home. In many cases they can actually help save you money by allowing you to take advantage of buying drinks in larger bottles. Where once you had to buy several six packs of soda you can now buy three or four two liter bottles. The savings on one event can actually pay for the glasses for a whole season.

Around the home disposable glasses keep you prepared for unexpected guests or for planned parties. Just like on the road, they can save you lots of cleanup time. They can also make life easier with kids at large events. With a permanent marker you can write the kids’ names on them so the kids know which one is theirs. This alone can save you countless glasses to wash as each kid will only have one disposable instead of four or five regular glasses.

The next time you are passing the throw away glasses in the grocery store, make sure you grab an extra set. You never know exactly when you will need them, but you will be glad you have them when you do.

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