Different Uses For A Bamboo Skewer

A bamboo skewer has been used for years in Japan. This was a common way for the Japanese to fit the small pieces of fish, and various other meats for cooking quicker. Oriental cultures have used these skewers for years as a natural way of cooking food.

While using a skewer over the barbecue pit or directly over a fire, soak your skewers. This keeps burning down on the bamboo.
The uses for skewers are varied depending on length and even designs.
When we think of a skewer seen at different activities where food vendors are set up we just think of 6 inches to 10 inches in length.
Skewers come in sizes as little as 5 1/2 inches to a full 12 inches in length.

Nightclubs will provide various fruits, vegetables, olives and pearl onions on a smaller toothpick. This also is a kind of skewer.
Most people think of them as tooth picks.
Width will vary depending on the length and purpose of the skewer.
Bamboo skewer will also appear in different designs. Straight with points at both ends, or one side blunt.
Some have designs such as a small wooden ball, swirly designed, or even a flat end.

Most of us think barbecue, corn on the cob, or teriyaki used in skewer form, there are many different uses for them.
Wedding receptions is a place you might find skewers used for finger foods.
Chinese shops have teriyaki on a stick.
Formal parties will provide food items such as vegetable pieces, chunk cheeses, and mixed fruit pieces.
Enjoying a buffet of individual small sized meats, vegetables and fruits you will occasionally see little skewers placed next to appetizer plates.
For your next party or outing don’t forget the bamboo skewer.


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