Cocktail Stirrer For All Types of Drinks

The cocktail stirrer was invented in the West Indies in the early 1700s; originally called the ‘Rum Stirrer’. It was created by quickly rolling a dried stem between the hands transforming ingredients into a cocktail. This piece of equipment has evolved into a staple cocktail making tool. Today’s version of the rum stirrer, also known as a swizzle stick, is a small plastic or glass stick. Its main function is to stir cocktails to prevent alcohol settling at the bottom and decorating drinks with fruit. 

This popular bar accessory is available in a range of colours and styles. You can customise the cocktail stirrer to coincide with the colour scheme of your company, or simply provide different colours so that everyone can easily identify their drinks. You have the option of personalising the swizzle stick for special occasions or using them as a promotional branding tool.

The beauty of the cocktail stirrer is that they can be completely unique incorporating your own personal style and flair. You will find endless options from basic designs to novelty party ideas. Some basic styles include the glass stirring rod or flat ball stirrer; made from glass featuring a small ball at the end. The disc stir stick; this is a simple plastic design with a flat disc at the end.

More unusual options include prism stirrers which have a triangular prism shape, and swirl stir sticks which feature a swirled end. Now for the more creative styles, glow in the dark products have always been a huge hit, this is also the case with glow in the dark swizzle sticks. Believe it or not you can also opt for a LED sound responsive stir stick; when put in the cocktail and placed near music, the LED will pulse in time to the beat.

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