Bamboo Skewers Are Convenient Compared To Metal

Having friends over for a shish-kabob dinner? Use bamboo skewers rather than metal ones. Clean up is as easy as throwing the used skewers into the wood fire or the garden compost pile. Bamboo skewers are the ideal solution for in the oven or out on the grill. Meats cooked on skewers made from natural bamboo tend to adhere to it, making them easier to turn on the grill, allowing more even cooking. Bamboo does not conduct heat, as metal does, so it is also ‘finger friendly’. Meats and vegetables cooked on bamboo do not pick up unwanted flavors like they can from wood. Skewers made from bamboo make for less effort in the after dinner clean up, unlike metal skewers, and skewers made from bamboo are environmentally friendly. Not only is disposal of them safe for the environment, but they are also ‘green’ products to produce. Skewers made from bamboo will decompose in the landfills, unlike skewers made from other materials.

Bamboo, being a type of grass rather than a tree, grows fast and comes back up from the roots left after a harvest. Some varieties can grow up to a foot a day, and fields of bamboo are ready to harvest as many as several times a year. Trees, on the other hand take years to replace themselves, and have to be replanted each time for optimum growth.

Compared to other materials used, bamboo skewers are much more environmentally friendly. They do not require open pit mining nor do they require clear cutting of forests. Skewers made of bamboo do not use toxic chemicals to produce them. Since bamboo grows so quickly using products made from it makes sense and saves money as well as being truly disposable and biodegradable.

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