Bamboo Disposables: A Green Solution

Are you looking for a ‘green’ solution to your picnic and daily needs? Bamboo disposables just might be the solution you are looking for. Environmentally friendly bamboo is made into many disposable items such as plates, cooking and eating utensils, bowls, and even large serving bowls and platters. Bamboo disposables can add an elegant touch to any outdoor setting or Oriental themed dinner or meal, and when finished, they can be disposed of without fear of environmental hazard.

Bamboo is a tough, woody grass that can be made into many different products. Being a grass rather than a tree, bamboo grows very fast, with some varieties growing as much as a foot a day in proper growing conditions, yet because of the way it is structured, it can be used in place of wood in many items. Bamboo is strong and lightweight and is quickly and easily grown, allowing it to be a true disposable, while at the same time being biodegradable. An acre of bamboo can be harvested many times over a ten year period, while the same acre planted in even the fastest growing pine can only be harvested once at the end of that time. Bamboo, when harvested, comes back from the roots. This means that bamboo can be more cheaply and quickly produced as it requires no reseeding after each harvest.

Bamboo disposables, being a truly natural product, will decompose in landfills, rather than cluttering up the environment with plastics that will remain for years. Items made of bamboo can be added to your compost pile and recycled into garden mulch. If you are out camping your used bamboo products can be thrown into the camp fire without fear of releasing toxic chemicals into the air from plastics.


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