Bamboo Plates and Theme Parties

Throwing a theme party is a great way to have a distinctive function that all of your guests are going to remember for quite some time. Furthermore, the use of bamboo plates can certainly serve to make this a special event.  If the main idea of your party is that you’d like to serve some gourmet or unique food, then the dishes and glasses you use are of prime importance.  You definitely will want to choose these with care since dinner is the most important part of the entire party.  Maybe you’ve even gone to the effort of hiring a gourmet chef for the event who is going to make a couple of exquisite items. If this is the case, then the types of plates you choose need to serve as the perfect backdrop to all of the food that you would like to serve to your guests. Pay close attention to the type of plates you’re using because even though you might think otherwise, your guests are going to take note of your choice in dining wares.

For instance, it might be a good idea for you to use bamboo plates if your party is going to be an outdoor luau. Think about the kind of food you’d probably serve in this situation. At least some of the appetizers are going to be finger foods, in which case some skewers could facilitate their handling.  Your guests would be able to just grab a small plate of appetizers and then use the skewers as they socialize with other guests.  This is important if you know you’re inviting tons of different friends to the party and would like them to mingle amongst one another.

Also, a good catering supplies resource is going to stress the importance of adhering to a theme such as a beach party as much as possible.  Think about it.  You wouldn’t really be using fancy china dishes if you were sitting on a luxurious beach drinking champagne and eating some tropical dishes. So, exclude these types of plates from your party planning.  You need to just pick some plates that correspond to the theme you have chosen.  If you are not sure what is appropriate, don’t worry.  The online galleries of events that are similar in nature to the one you’re throwing should assist you make the right choices.

Throwing a theme party is a fun thing to do in a variety of situations. It could be an anniversary party, a birthday party or even a retirement celebration.  Either way, you probably will need a bit of extra time to make sure that the event goes off without a hitch.  This is why it’s imperative to start getting your supplies put together well before the event actually takes place.  That way, you can concentrate on getting some other decorations to help the theme come into existence.

Theme parties are often a bit more expensive than other parties simply because they might require some additional decorations.  For this reason, its all the more important that you are able to find some catering goods offered at a price well within your range.  Try looking into some online shops if you have a hunch that the stores in your area might have some inflated prices on these wares.


The Beauty and Versatility of White Tableware

For today’s fashion conscious homemakers, whether you’re using it for everyday meals, a formal dinner party or special holiday fare, white tableware is a clean, versatile way to present your fine cooking to family or friends. It always looks effortlessly elegant, yet artfully simple on your table and pairs so nicely with so many colors. One of my favorite colors to pair with white dinnerware is royal blue, but it looks equally beautiful paired with red accessories and exceptionally elegant with black. Nothing says elegance like black and white on your table.

Outside of the home, for catering purposes, white tableware can be the very best choice possible, for its obvious versatility. The savvy caterer can mix and match all shapes and sizes, designer and non-designer manufacturers, as long as they stay in the same white family. Ivory chinaware, also known as American White, complements the color of time-honored US designed and manufactured dinnerware. Bright white porcelain, also often referred to as European white, offers an outstanding tabletop work of art for the fastidious caterer. Bright white dinnerware lines usually include numerous shapes, from everyday round to trendy square plates ranging in size from 5″, 10” or even 12″, and an assortment of serving pieces, cups, saucers and bowls as well.

For restaurant purposes, white tableware is the latest and greatest trend for the well-planned restaurant tabletop. Bright white dinnerware has emerged as the sturdiest of all the tableware colors. One of the most popular varieties is bright white vitrified china. The white color is commonly derived from the actual clay itself and the tableware is fired at an extremely high temperature, resulting in vitrification. The resulting china is exceptionally non-porous and tough, capable of taking the intense handling that is necessary in the restaurant business. Vitrified chinaware possesses high heat retention capabilities, as well as being microwave and dishwasher safe and going safely from freezer to oven. Tableware that is not vitrified, will absorb moisture, expanding and contracting the body of the china, which causes internal stress that leads to breakage.

Proper Barware for the Home Bar

When building a home bar it is critical to have the right barware for the job. When you are entertaining people you will find that many enjoy a wide variety of drinks. When you have a bar that is equipped with the proper barware people will be impressed.

First thing that you need is a wine opener. You can go two ways with. Option one is to look for one of the fancier options that will be air powered or screw on. These look great and people are often impressed but usually they don’t work over the course of time. The best second option is an old school wine key that most servers use around the country. The wine key is a little tricky at first but once you get it you will be able to impress by doing a proper presentation.

Included in all great bars must be the proper glassware. Different drinks need different glasses and that is a fact. You always want to be able to serve martinis in the correct glass. You also want to be equipped with wine glasses for red and white along with rocks and pilsner glasses. This is key when trying to impress.

Speaking of martinis you must look into a proper set of mixing tins. Remember we prefer to have our drinks shaken not stirred.

Of course there a few more items to round out your barware. You are going to need a bottle opener of course. This is a great item to have hanging on the wall. You can find great ones from all your favorite beer companies. You will also find that it is helpful to have a muddle, a knife and a cutting board for drinks that include fruit.

Party Picks are Fun To Use

Do you want to play a party and use the party picks you daughter gave you last Christmas? Maybe you have had a difficult year and now it is almost summer vacation. It is the perfect time to get the school staff together for a small gathering.

The first thing you will need to do is to find the place to hold the party. Are you going to use your home or find another place? If you are going to have dinner, you might consider a restaurant. Often they have special rooms at no extra charge just for this kind of occasions. Maybe you will want to cook the dinner yourself or try a potluck. There are lots of decisions to make to get this party on the road. After you choose the location, you are ready to start the planning.

A theme can sometimes be helpful to get the party plans rolling. Consider something to do with vacations and the end of the school year. Decorations will be built around this theme and add some flair to the party plans. Keep it simple and the cost down. If you make it complicated, you will be tired before the celebration begins. Have a budget and stick to it. It can be tempting to overspend, but it is not necessary.

Food is always important and can make the difference in how the party goes. Everyone loves to relax and enjoy some light snacks and drinks. Little picks can be used to make small fruit kabobs. People love them and they can be made ahead. Use party picks in the cheese plate and they will make it look very festive. A vegetable plate is always popular. Your imagination is the limit. Your guest will appreciate what ever you do.

Planning a party can be the perfect way to end the school year. Maybe you will want to make it an annual affair. Enjoy the evening and the vacation, because before you know it, school will be starting again.

Summertime is Perfect for Kabob Meals with Skewers

Picnic season is finally here and so is the time for barbeques. In America peak grilling months are May through September. The weather gets warmer and people are ready for that fresh cooked grill taste in their food. This is the perfect time for using skewers. These great cooking utensils are perfect for kabobs and any type of small special food items that are cooked over an open fire or grill top.

When it comes to grilling, they are perfect for cooking vegetable kabobs, meat kabobs or seafood kabobs. In addition to a cooking utensil they can be served right on a plate for use as a food holder. They make any plate look fancy especially with a garnished side dish of rice, potatoes or fruit.

Skewers that made of wood are primarily for light grilling and are made of a wood. These are geared to be more of a disposable one time use. However, it should be noted that there are some manufactured from a fancier more durable wood. These are made for fruit or cold food items and they are not meant for cooking over an open fire. Metal ones are meant for grilling and can double as a serving utensil during meals. They are mostly made of heat resistant metals so they can withstand the grill temperatures without affecting food flavor or quality. With proper care these utensils can last a long time and can be used throughout the grilling season.

Plastic skewers are typically only used for cold food items such as fruit, cakes and pastries. They are great for special social functions and picnics where cold food is the specialty. Like regular meat kabobs they can be used in combinations of fruits and pastries. They are also a great favorite for raw vegetables and look wonderful next to dipping sauces.

Cocktail Swizzle Sticks Make Drinks Taste Better

All cocktail swizzle sticks are important for drinks. They are available in so many designs that it can be hard to choose. When you do choose the ones that are right for your party or event, you can add them to the drinks to make everything that much better. It is festive and fun. Here are some options for your cocktail swizzle sticks.

There are tropical choices in any color of the rainbow. These are perfect for beach parties, Hawaiian and tropical parties and events. Alter the design by choosing umbrellas, pineapples, ukulele and surfboards. Other choices are glass swizzle sticks. These were made popular in the twenties and can be really fun. There are air-blown glass sticks. They come in every color.

Another choice is silver sticks. This became popular in the thirties. Add olives to the sticks and place them in the drink for the best look at parties and other events that serve cocktails. You can add other things to the sticks as well if you want to make it look even better. Some of them even add to the flavor.

Now that you have considered the flavored cocktail swizzle sticks, you can add sticks of flavored candy, rock candy or anything else that works to add flavor to a drink. Check other combinations for flavor. They can become a favorite at parties, so get creative. Fruits on these can add to the fruity flavor of any drink. Be creative and work with the fun ideas that can be created with this plan. Any of these ideas can work. Just get creative with your creations and designs. You will be amazed at how easy it can be. Anyone can create a masterpiece with the cocktails using swizzle sticks.


Uses for Bamboo Picks

Bamboo picks are very interesting utensils that can have many uses. They are perfect for those that are looking to plan an exotic, and tropical themed party. They are also great for baby showers, weddings, and anniversary parties. They add a flair to any type of party.

Bamboo picks for Exotic Fruit Salads

These great utensils are perfect for an exotic fruit salad. The options are endless when it comes to the fruits used to put this salad together. Mango, papaya, strawberries, watermelon, cantelope, cherries, strawberries, and other types of fruit can be put onto these picks to make them look absolutely gorgeous and appetizing. The great thing about these picks is that they come in many different types of designs so they can match the decor of the party.

Picks for Main Courses

Picks are great for main course meals because meats such as pieces of lobster, shrimp, steak, or chicken can be marinated and put onto the picks. With these meats it is a great idea to add zucchini, squash, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, or any other types of vegetables. They are delicious grilled and served to guests with a delicious sauce.

When planning a party, bamboo picks are great for all types of events. They come in different designs are also great for cocktails. Cocktails are great when the picks have fruits on them that can be put into the drink. Popular choices of fruits for these cocktails are cherries, limes, lemons, oranges, and strawberries. To find these picks, one can go to an exclusive home goods store. Another place to find these picks and have more of a choice is by looking on the internet for different types of picks and to also find prices that are fairly competitive. Remember to think of these picks for the next exotic and tropical party!

There are Many Reasons to Use Cocktail Picks at Your Next Party

Cocktail picks are the perfect accessory and a must have for any type of party or get together you are planning to have. They are ideal for adding that extra touch, which shows your guests that you put quite a bit of thought into their needs while planning your party. They also fit easily into any party theme and help your get together stand out from the rest. Their uses are many and they are an ideal way to serve snack food or appetizers to your party crowd. When it shows that you have put thought into your party your guests will be raving about it for years to come.

A great place to display cocktail picks would be on a tray right next to the food you are serving at your party. You can also place them in a decorative bowl or something that will draw attention to their presence. All your guests need to do is pick one up and skewer the food item they wish to consume. They can then easily place it into their mouth without ever dirtying their hands in the process. They will be able to reuse them if they like as they are reusable.

By using cocktail picks you can also save quite a bit of money on the purchase of napkins and dishes. Often, at parties each item will be served by itself on a plate or napkin. The person would then discard the plate after eating the item. Once another item would be served, the person would then take a brand new plate or napkin and discard when they were done. The pick can be used over and over again by each individual guest if the like and they hardly take up any room at all once they are discarded.

Perfect Your Party With The Right Cocktail Skewer

A cocktail skewer can provide your guests with a way to eat food at your party. These skewers are a very important part of your event and you can serve a variety of foods that people can use a skewer with. This is something that can be a lot of fun and your guests will really enjoy this type of setting. If you are planning a lighthearted party you should always look at food with the use of skewers and this is always a great way to liven things up. Your guests will often remember this type of party long after it is over. 

You want to make sure that the cocktail skewer that you choose is within the theme of your party. You might find that you have colors and designs to choose from and you want to make sure that you are looking at all of the options out there to help you find the one that is best for your needs. If you are having a seasonal party you might want to find a cocktail skewer that fits in with this theme. This can make your party have a nice flow and this is something that others will really notice.

The standard sword is still a very popular choice and this will fit into any theme. This is a very recognizable choice and this can help your guests know how to eat the food at your party without any prompting. There are a couple of ways that you can use your skewers. You can have the food already placed on skewers when it is served, or you might want to allow guests to place the skewers in the food. This skewer will replace a fork and you will want to offer a variety of foods that can be eaten this way.

Cocktail Stirrer For All Types of Drinks

The cocktail stirrer was invented in the West Indies in the early 1700s; originally called the ‘Rum Stirrer’. It was created by quickly rolling a dried stem between the hands transforming ingredients into a cocktail. This piece of equipment has evolved into a staple cocktail making tool. Today’s version of the rum stirrer, also known as a swizzle stick, is a small plastic or glass stick. Its main function is to stir cocktails to prevent alcohol settling at the bottom and decorating drinks with fruit. 

This popular bar accessory is available in a range of colours and styles. You can customise the cocktail stirrer to coincide with the colour scheme of your company, or simply provide different colours so that everyone can easily identify their drinks. You have the option of personalising the swizzle stick for special occasions or using them as a promotional branding tool.

The beauty of the cocktail stirrer is that they can be completely unique incorporating your own personal style and flair. You will find endless options from basic designs to novelty party ideas. Some basic styles include the glass stirring rod or flat ball stirrer; made from glass featuring a small ball at the end. The disc stir stick; this is a simple plastic design with a flat disc at the end.

More unusual options include prism stirrers which have a triangular prism shape, and swirl stir sticks which feature a swirled end. Now for the more creative styles, glow in the dark products have always been a huge hit, this is also the case with glow in the dark swizzle sticks. Believe it or not you can also opt for a LED sound responsive stir stick; when put in the cocktail and placed near music, the LED will pulse in time to the beat.