Beautiful and Elegant Bamboo Disposable Plates

Bamboo is a beautiful and elegant way to serve family and guests, yet still dispose of the dishes used. With bamboo disposable plates you combine the natural beauty of bamboo with the ease in after meal clean-up. Plates made from bamboo can be found in several different shapes such as round or square to suit any decor. Each one of them is made from natural bamboo, making them disposable as well as functional and attractive.

Bamboo disposable plates are an inexpensive way to host a party without the after party clean-up. They are environmentally safe to burn in your camp fire or fireplace. Being biodegradable they can also be disposed of in your compost pile or will decompose in a landfill. Plastic plates, when burned, create toxic gases. If thrown into the trash and put in a landfill, it takes them a century or more to decompose, if they ever do. Bamboo, on the other hand, decomposes easily and does not create toxic gases when burned. Paper plates require trees being cut down to make them. The trees then need to be replanted and take years to replace the former growth. Bamboo, being a grass, grows quickly and comes back from the existing roots, requiring no replanting. Bamboo can also be harvested at least once a year.

Set your summer table with beautiful bamboo disposable plates and feel confident that not only are you presenting an enticing appearance, but are also helping to preserve the environment for future generations. With the ease in cleaning up afterwards, you can spend the time enjoying your company and not have to worry about the big chore of cleaning up. At the same time, you can rest assured that you are also doing your part to protect the environment.